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Aim to trade all over the world.
Fish shop fishery company
Under recruitment!

We will follow you up !!

Providing Everything You Need

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We are with local trading companies including Asia

We are dealing closely.

Of course, local distributor / supermarket like

Since we have an exclusive contract with such as

Annoying customers

There is no business.


Payment problems will become bigger with overseas trading companies.

Transaction volume, purchase amount, insurance fee to the site, etc.

All such details from Japan to local and overseas

Since we will carry out the export procedure

​ Please be assured.

IMG_0599(ドラッグされました) 2.png

​Please feel free to contact us.

We are beef, including pork

Professional in overseas export trade.

We have branch offices in Singapore and Thailand.

"Safety, safety, speed"

We will bring the happiness of food to your dining table.

Than a detailed story

Positively said this Great Depression

Let's overcome adversity together.

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