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In the world,
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​The highest peak of Japanese oysters.

JAPAN emperor oyster
emperor oyster

highest rated in the world
GulFood Dubai
Final freezing and refrigeration department at ​
"Emperor Oyster"
I received the award.



🔴Created by the Japanese Samurai Spirit
The best oysters,
​all over the world.

emperor oyster

Japanese oysters are a masterpiece loved by foodies around the world.
It is enjoyed both raw and deep-fried, as well as fried oysters.
The texture that melts in your mouth is worthy of its nickname, ``sea milk.''
It is also highly nutritious, containing zinc, selenium, taurine, etc.
​It is attracting attention for its beauty and anti-aging effects.
Our company offers safe and secure products with excellent taste and nutritional value.

We manufacture and sell oysters worthy of the name of an emperor.


🔴 Obtained world-class quality control and export licenses

emperor oyster

In order for people not only in Japan but also all over the world to enjoy emperor oysters.
Building a hygienic workplace that meets export safety standards and exporting to many countries
We are able to ship it. Tests for toxins unique to oysters also detected
​Nothing happened.


🔴Japan's Mediterranean Sea
​Aquaculture in Okayama, which is rich in marine blessings

emperor oyster

It is farmed in Okayama, an area blessed with the most preserved nature.

To produce delicious oysters, we need clean water without polluting the harbor.

Chef Yamasaki specializes in oysters that are rich in plankton, which contains plenty of nutrients necessary for oyster growth.

We chose the most beautiful sea area in Okayama Prefecture.

🔴Craftsmanship spanning three generations
​Carefully raising each oyster one by one

emperor oyster

The experience and skills of 3 generations of oyster farming in Okayama for over 100 years.

We carefully raise each oyster,We produce over 1 million oysters a year.

🔴By unique freezing technology
Perfectly maintains freshness

emperor oyster

Unloaded and washed oysters are flash frozen to maintain their freshness until they are eaten at the export destination.

Freshly picked. The freezing method does not destroy the fibers of the oysters at all, so there is no shrinkage of the oysters when they are thawed.

No relaxation occurs. I want people all over the world to try freshly harvested emperor oysters. that is

​We have evolved our technology.

🔴The taste of the emperor that everyone will love

emperor oyster

Oysters raised by master craftsmen in the ocean rich in minerals and plankton are

The firmness, sweetness, and flavor of the meat are completely different from regular ones.

​🔴Chef at a Michelin-starred restaurant in Japan
Supervised by “Kenichiro Yamasaki”

emperor oyster
​To advance Japanese production technology on a global scale

When Chef Yamasaki was 19 years old, he worked at Le Taillevent, a three-star Michelin restaurant in Paris, France. This stint introduced him to the world of haute cuisine, where he learned how to make dishes that were not only delicious but also beautiful to look at. In 2023, Chef Yamazaki was awarded the title of Brazilian Wagyu Master Chef by the Brazilian government for his participation in the 2022 São Paulo Expo, which attracted over 180,000 participants and received extensive coverage on television and social media. Ta.

In 2023, we will announce a new King Oyster brand [Emperor Oyster]. We engage in earth-friendly cultivation, production, sales, and sustainable development. Currently, we deliver the highest quality oysters to star restaurants around the world.


Be the first to know the "season" of Japan in each of the four seasons

We export to overseas hotels and restaurants around the world.


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Japan Office


6 floor, Urbannnet Shijo Karasuma building,

101 Kankobocyo, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto city, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan

Tel: +81-075-279-4301

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Singapore Office

North Blue Trade Pte

300 Tampines Avenue 5, #09-02 

Singapore 529653

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